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About Mark

Mark Corallo is a  talented writer, actor and theatrical producer with a focus on developing original works that inspire audiences of all ages to dream big and think outside the box. In addition to his work his theater and film, Mark is also a passionate special education administrator who focuses on supporting and  developing school programs and interventions for students with autism and other learning and/ or communication needs.

Mark is the co-owner of Eye On The Mark Productions alongside his partner Eileen Nelson. The duo co-wrote and produced an original Off Broadway Theatrical Production entitled "Mike & Mindy's Wild Weekend Jam"which debuted in New York City in November of 2021. For more jammin info, check out their website below:


To support his passion for special education, Mark believes in the power of the creative arts and the artistic and therapeutic benefits it carries for individuals with autism and other neurodiverse learning needs. This passion led him to develop  Creative Communicators, an inclusive theater/film program designed to support the social, creative, speech and language, and imaginative skills of individuals with neurodevelopment disabilities such as: Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, with extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and other communicative needs. For more info check out his website below. 


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